After the summer holiday, I'm now back and painting again. To get back into things, I decided to finish painting up some Khorne Bloodhound miniatures from the Age of Sigmar box that has been sitting under my painting desk for the better part of a year...

Got to say, these miniatures were great fun to paint. They have so much detail that they're almost intimidating to paint. I tried to make the best of them, and I'm very pleased with the result. 

Although Games Workshop also produces a boxed set of just Blood Warriors, I actually think that the Warriors from the starter set are nicer. Just be aware that if you decide to paint these guys up yesterday they have a lot of sharp points... I'm a little sceptical about whether some of these spikes to weather the game table, but I'm also eager to get them into an army list.

I decided to take the bold decision of adding Blood for the Blood God technical paint the weapons and gore-fists carried by these Blood Warriors. I was quite pleased with the result; the paint gives a highly realistic finish with minimal effort. However, as with all paints like this it's important not to go over the top. Hopefully I got the balance about right!

Bases and other details were finished in the same way as my existing Khorne models...

So, I only have some Skullcrushers and the Mighty Lord of Khorne left to finish then my Bloodhound army is finished! Yeah, right. Since when is an army actually ever finished?!?!

Next project: I'm returning to work on the Eldar commission, and will be finishing some Rangers.