On a whim I decided to attend the Derby World Wargames show at the Castle Donington International Exhibition Centre today as it's not far from where I live and I'd heard that a few hobbyists I hadn't seen for a awhile would also be attending...

As expected there were a lot of demo tables where various game manufacturers were trying to convince people to buy their various products with varying degrees of success...

There were also a few representatives of various game systems that caught my eye as I walked around... 

Hysterical Games - Panzerfauste
I picked up the starter set for this game which includes the basic rules so I could give it a go...and do the inevitable unboxing of course...their page can be found here.

I picked up two of the expansions for this game today and a book of background stories. I was also informed that their was a new expansion imminent that I'll be looking out for...their shop page can be found here.

I recently received some of their models after a pledge to a recent Kickstarter...their page can be found here.

 Second Thunder - Open Combat
A very interesting and well constructed skirmish system that can be used with any models from your collection. Their page is located here.

SLA Industries
Another well constructed skirmish game recently expanded via Kickstarter is this gem here. More product info is also available here.

There were also many other stalls there but I only had so much time to chat but here's a few more pictures anyway...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.