I have not posted on here in quite a while. I have mainly been busy with expanding my family!

So after a 6 month sabbatical I am back getting on with all things hobby related.

I will do a new post on what I am up to later. Here I will show off my Blood Bowl stuff.

I first got this game with its revamped release in 1994. Even now 23 years later I still think this is the best game GW has released. It has the tightest rule set for one off games, mini tournaments and leagues. It took a few iterations with league play to get it right, but since about Living rule book 5 it has been very solid.

First up is my Human Team. This was an updated paint job done in the early 2000s.

Humans are a really easy team to play with and are very forgiving for a first time player

Next is one of my High Elves

Again this is an updated paint job but I have only managed to get half the team done.

High elves are really hard to play with. They take a lot of skill and you have to play the game in a very different way that with other teams. However once they get a few skills they become one of the best teams in the game.

I also have a dwarf team (including death roller) from the 1994 release, but these need updating to a better painting level. I have bought the new game and the Skaven team. I will probably buy teams that I don’t own first, so I doubt I will be getting the new dwarves so soon. As you can see I need to sort through my collection

I have had the model below 23 years and never even put paint on him! I am going to build my orc team around having this guy.

I have a few more details to pick out on him and I am deciding whether to put him on a 32mm base.

I have not really played much as an orc team much before but I am quite looking forward to it, especially just smashing the other team!!