Err....maybe new Viking(s)....whatever you get the idea.  I've been hard at work the last few weeks and finished up an absolute ton of stuff that I've been working.  Mostly dark ages stuff, but some stuff to use with my crusaders as well.

This is one of the pieces that I was working on.  I started painting this piece a couple of years ago, just prior to having brain surgery.  Its nice to finally get it done.

I do think I will trim that clump of tall grass.
 This is an Old Glory miniature from the Slain Casualty pack.  Really cool sculpt, very fun to paint.
 They are 25mm scale, but I don't see that as a to big a deal.
Blood is a base coated red paint covered with Tamiya clear red to give a more glossy viscous look.

 I'll likely use this as an objective piece or eye candy.