Amongst the many games given new life recently via Kickstarter has been the SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector miniatures game based on the SLA Industries RPG.

In this feature we'll be looking at the two-player starter set containing models for both the 'Shivers' and 'Carrien' factions. As each of the factions contained within the blister also are equivalent to the single faction starter sets we'll give each half it's own feature. Starting with the Shivers...

First some background...
Shiver Units operate chiefly as SLA Industries’ main police force, but they also serve as the primary line of defence along the Sector Wall. 24 hours a day, the men and women of the Shiver Units patrol the perimeters, and more increasingly, journey into Cannibal Sector itself to drive back its ferocious inhabitants. To work in the sector the Shivers give up the green armour for grey, and switch from the standard ball bearing round for the lethal flechette in their Gauss Rifles. They are brave, loyal, and, most importantly, expendable.

Two Player Starter Set - Blister and Insert
The set comes in a standard blister with appropriate bases for the models.

Shivers - Unassembled
The Shivers starter set comes with a myriad of spare parts including three types of head, Assault Rifle, Machine Pistol, Handgun and Baton weapon options as well as several 'casual' arm options (pointing, palm out and one holding a coffee) and a few weapons without hands attached so you can have extra equipment at belt or back if you wish.

It also comes with some dice...

Shivers - Assembled
The bodies and legs are a single piece and there are enough for five models in the set. There are five of each type of head with a helmet-less one for the traditional 'has no hat so is in charge' as well as a significant variety of weapons options that can be seen in the unassembled picture further up this article. I've assembled three with assault weapons (on has a baton in his off hand), on the kneeling model I've used the pointing hand and a machine pistol while the commander has a pistol...and a cup of coffee. I've also added batons to the belts of a couple and an assault weapon across the back of the kneeling figure to add a bit of character. All available weapons will fit any torso so you can have a wide variety of potential poses...

It's worth noting that the slot piece on the models bodies is slightly longer than the slot in the provided bases so you may need to trim the ends slightly. If however you plan on removing this piece altogether instead you'll need to fill the slots in the bases.

Shivers - Official Painted
Here's an official picture of the unit painted courtesy of the official website.

Shivers and Carrien
Here's a picture of the full contents of the two-player starter set facing off  against one another...

Part Two featuring the Carrien can be found HERE.

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