Amongst the many games given new life recently via Kickstarter has been the SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector miniatures game based on the SLA Industries RPG.

In this feature we'll be looking at the two-player starter set containing models for both the 'Shivers' and 'Carrien' factions. As each of the factions contained within the blister also are equivalent to the single faction starter sets we'll give each half it's own feature. We looked at the Shivers yesterday so lets look at the Carrien today...

First some background...
Carrien are a strange, highly aggressive indigenous species of Mort. With their canine-skulled heads and hockey-stick weapons, the Carrien are instantly recognisable, and they are commonly found in the dark passageways of Downtown. The bulk of their numbers, however, live and thrive in the Cannibal Sectors. Carrien exist solely to feed and they perpetually stalk the ruins in search of fresh prey, beating them to death and gulping down their flesh raw in great chunks.

Two Player Starter Set - Blister and Insert
The set comes in a standard blister with appropriate bases for the models.

Carrien - Unassembled
The Carrien starter set comes with an Alpha Carrien and six normal Carrien. Unlike the Shivers set there aren't any extra parts in this one though you can use any set of arms and head on any of the standard models so you still have some variety.

It also comes with some dice...

Carrien - Assembled
The bodies and legs are a single piece and there are enough for six models and an 'Alpha' in the set. As mentioned earlier any of the standard heads and arms will fit on any of the standard Carrien bodies though the Alphas parts are somewhat larger.

It's worth noting that the slot piece on the models bodies is slightly longer than the slot in the provided bases so you may need to trim the ends slightly. If however you plan on removing this piece altogether instead you'll need to fill the slots in the bases.

Carrien - Official Painted
Here's an official picture of the unit painted courtesy of the official website.

Shivers and Carrien
Here's a picture of the full contents of the two-player starter set facing off  against one another...

Part One featuring the Shivers can be found HERE.

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