As you may already know, Jon Boyce got his act together and comissioned John Pickford to produce a special model for this year's event. Unlike previous years, I was determined to actually paint up this one rather than letting someone else's hard work disappear into my leadpile. Having arrived home pretty tired and using my hobby time to write plenty of blog posts, she sat on my bureau for a few days until I could whack an undercoat on here. 

She was a really enjoyable model to work on. The Rogue Trader feel of the sculpt (it is based on an illustration from the same publication) gave her a suitably nostalgic feel, only with the crisp casting of more modern production methods. Minimal cleaning was necessary so well cast was my figure, I cannot comment about other people's but mine was near perfect. 

Hard to believe I know, but this little model was also immediately posted on eBay after the event for a whopping £125 by a 'collector'! Incensed enthusiasts almost immediately sprang into action, locating the seller and giving them a really good telling off (despite their rather poor attempt at relisting the item for £50) for their avarice. 


On a more positive note, she was great fun to work on and gave me a few headaches. Trying to give her the leopard print leggings was a touch challenging but I don't think I did too bad.