The new temp paint space... the computer nook in the kitchen!
yeah... not long term but, with the actual studio supplies not arriving until mid October... this gets me started!

 Speaking of getting started... I've been working on background narratives for my Raging Heroes Jailbirds for quite a while.  One of the things I wanted to accomplish was defining their rebel faction as a nomadic, survival of the tribe, society.  Because of this focus I've been wanting to include some non-military vehicles to give them the feel of a caravan on the tabletop.

I've finally got a start on this with the arrival of the Fast Panda sci-fi food truck from Atenociti's Workshop!  This is a "Made for Infinity" model so has a very cool "Mass Effect" styling about it.

For my purposes I'll want to produce one that is a little worse for the wear as it feeds the Jailbirds, who are constantly on the move to avoid capture by their House Kurganova tormentors.

 I'm starting with a black primer.  The resin from Atenocitis takes paint very well and the model was pretty clean... requiring little clean up!  Score for Jed and Nadine!

With my paints still in transit from Transylvania I took the opportunity to try the new line of weathering paint from Secret Weapon Miniatures and indulged in a couple of Vallejo skin tone sets (Fairy Flesh Set and Malefic Flesh Set).

 I started the work up of white using the Secret Weapon Handle Wood and Weathered Wood and will finish it off with top highlights using CraftSmart white.

The purple trim comes from the Malefic Skin tone set and got highlighted by mixing in some Purple Heat from the Secret Weapon line.  The various "Heat" mixes appear to be slightly viscous, high pigment density, stains.  I've always been a fan of stains so they should be fun!

  Here I've used them to modify another paint so they are performing more like thin paint with better than average covering qualities.

There is also an excellent triad in the set: Tire Black, Rubber, and Rubber Highlight. These are giving really good effects on the rubber boots and seat cushions.  I see a using these quite a lot in future.
I visited one of the FLGSs in Anchorage and picked up a Reaper Mousling Tavern set.  Its all metal, which I was quite happy with in this case, and was missing a model.  A quick e-mail to the Reaper Help desk saw the errant model arriving just a couple of days later.  Those guys at the Helpdesk are great!

 Some before and after wash shots. I'm thinking about doing some tiny Tartan patterns on these to add some cheery color.

I've been getting more interested in filling out my RPG focused collections and these will be pretty cool for that.

Next up on deck a pair of the new style of cottage from Tabletop World.
I just got an enormous shipment from them and the packing job was amazing!  The boxes arrived in a pretty beat up condition but there appears to have been zero damage as a result... those guys really know how to pack!  I'll put up a post about that a bit later.

Finally... a BIG pile of Raging Heroes from the TGG2 Kickstarter is busy getting sorted and labelled... and one of the Girls is even on the desk for painting!  Zoom Zoom!  You'll see her soon!