It's been a quiet fortnight, as far as hobby is concerned. We've been away on holiday in Devon and prior to that it was all about 40k as Bull and I locked horns on the gaming table to see what our respective armies could achieve under the new rules.

Running alongside that I have taken another look at my Dark Crucible rules (yes, again!) and I have to thank Paul O'G for that. He contacted me with some interest in having a look at where things had got to, and I felt compelled to put things in order before releasing my notes to someone else. I found myself trying out new things and before I knew it had created a new iteration – combining Dark Crucible and Project Hood rules. So buoyed was I by the progress that I have been playtesting – in a constructive way this time – and things are developing nicely. More to come on that no doubt in the future.

However, when we go away on holiday I like to have something to occupy my mind and, given that Dark Crucible was in a good place, I looked to my other project – Out Of Time. I went back to basics and mapped things out in the evenings, taking on board my new found constructive process rather than random adhoc thoughts. I am pleased to say that I have really enjoyed my time putting a fresh document together. The basics are yet to be playtested, but it's certainly one I'm looking forward to. Not sure how the new Necromunda will impact my thought process for this project when it's released later this year, but it's all exciting.

I have promised myself that I will make one of these documents available for all to see at Christmas, regardless of what state it's in.

The other thing that has impacted me in the last couple of weeks is a lack of finances – in fact things are a bit grim on that front right now. I have taken the decision that words are worthless unless backed up by action, so action is what is needed. I have promised myself that I will not (cannot?) buy any more models of any kind until at least a good amount of the backlog (tbd) is either painted or sold. With that in mind I immediately set to finish building models from the Dark Imperium box set and get bolters drilled and models undercoated.

On top of this, after my fun with the Out Of Time rules, I dug out the Infinity models I had been collecting to use with these campaigns. Then I built them too! Not bad for two evenings' work. But there's a long way to go yet – that's a lot of models to paint.

I'm also looking to sell some of my other models and games, including my modern day Zombicide stuff and the Massive Darkness Kickstarter that I only just received – so if anyone is interested let me know.

More painted things to come soon!