Another new pursuit from Wyrd Games upcoming supplement to their Through the Breach RPG...
Hey everyone! Today we're taking a look at another Pursuit from the upcoming Through the Breach supplement, Above the Law.  The Guild has lots of red tape and politics, but sometimes it needs raw firepower.  For that purpose, the Gunner Pursuit is just what they need.  
Gunners are a combat Pursuit that focuses on the use of chain guns, cannons, ribauldequins, and other heavy guns. As one might expect, the Gunners can crank up the number of attacks produced by automatic weapons, but many of their Talents are actually somewhat defensive: the Behind the Gun Talent grants the Gunner the equivalent of Heavy Armor whenever she's wielding a Heavy Gun weapon, for instance.

Most of the time, the easiest way to deal with ranged weapons is to close to melee range in order to shut down melee attacks and force the opponent to waste valuable time swapping to a melee weapon. Gunners, however, begin with the Heavy Weaponry Talent, which allows them to wield their Heavy Gun weapons as if they were Heavy Melee weapons. Why go through the hassle of swapping to a melee weapon when you can just hit the opponent with the heavy chunk of metal you're already holding?

The rest of the Gunner Pursuit is essentially a collection of useful abilities that are applicable to both rapid-fire Gatling weapons and heavy cannons in even measure. Annoyed that you can't just pick up a cannon and carry it around with you? The Walking Artillery Talent will let you stride into combat with that cannon barrel slung under your arm without need for a weapon brace. Want to charge into combat while firing a Gatling gun at full speed? The Fusillade Advance Talent lets you declare ranged attacks with the Charge Action. Swarmed by a horde of baddies? Use Mow Down to take a shot at every enemy in range.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.