Following on from my earlier post on Macrocosm's upcoming Bonefields release, I've been beavering away on some more of the new range. First up is this fantastic goblin vampire. I don't recall ever seeing a goblin vampire before (gobpire? Vamplin?) but Alessio Cisbani has done a fantastic job on this evil wee spud. I'd love to see him do other types of goblin vampires.

I moved away from the traditional goblinoid green for his flesh to up the vampireosity, just adding some green glazes to his eyes and other facial recesses. I painted him in fancy lacquered red armour, but, as he IS a goblin after all, it's dirty and knackered looking. Two rusty swords complete to look for this diminutive blood-drinking nutter.

I've also completed two more goblin undead, a spearman and one of the goblin heavy infantry. As with the other goblin skeletons they paint up nice and easy. I have some of the more exotic goblin undead on the table at the moment, but that's for another post.

Next up we have the wizened little dwarf Necromancer. He's all feet and head this lad, and has a scuttling sneaky pose that's distinctly un-dwarfy.

Flanking our creepy wee necromancer we have two of the new undead dwarf slayers/berserkers. They still have their golden arm clasps, but those luxurious beards are gone forever. Truly a fate worse than death for a dwarf. They must be mad as hell.

I have another batch of Bonefields minis on the painting table at the moment. Once they are done it'll be time for some warband photos. There are some truly hilarious models in the pipeline, I can't wait to get to some of the more unusual undead, they'll be a lot of fun to get on the gaming table.