Even though the current projects on the painting desk need work I spend a bit of time building the next thing in the line.  Today its Kingdom Death.

The first Kingdom Death model I've ever built is this Kingsman.  The model is very cool but I just chose it at random from the Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 core set.

After working on it a bit I dug out the rules and started reading them....

We are definitely gonna play this game!

With that in mind its time to start working on a set of player characters.
The rules direct you to build the first group of four survivors and the White Lion to play the introduction so I rooted around in the box for a bit and came up with a sprue labelled "Prologue"  Brilliant!

Being an old metal mini guy I was reluctant to move into plastics.  I had worked a lot with resin and, while that had some advantages in terms of conversion and weight, they tended to be brittle, fussy when it came to taking paint and I wasn't sold on them as durable in the long term.  I then encountered Wyrd and the Death Marshals of Malifeux and was immediately sold on plastic!  There are just things you can do in plastic that are impossible in either resin or metal.

Now that I've worked with plastic for a bit I am able to appreciate the quality control that has gone into the Kingdom death line.The material is great with the right proportion of strength and hardness while being sufficiently flexible to take a ding during regular handling. The model cuts, sprue attachment points, and mold lines are well thought out and are often hidden on interior surfaces.  the external mold lines are very fine and easy to clean up.  There are some places, of course, where its just not possible to have the cut or mold line be invisible that will require some greenstuff but these are the exception rather than the rule.

Its easy to see why this line enjoys such support among painters.  Its got edgy topics but a lot of humor as well... its well sculpted and has high production values.  It takes advantage of the abilities that plastic has to create great depth in the sculpt and to be gravity defiant but remain solidly usable.

The game looks like its gonna be great as well.  More on that as we dig into it.