As well as finishing up Damokai (see last post) I've also been working on my Breacher Squad for him to hunker down in.

I think this squad may actually win a prize for time spent between start and completion. I started them not long after Age of Sigmar came out. I looked at the Stormcast shields and thought 'those would look really cool on some Thousand Sons Breachers', so I ordered some from a bits website and started painting them up, intending to buy the models to go with them not long after.

Then unemployment after uni began to sting, followed by various craziness happening in my life which resulted in them being shelved. I returned to the idea last year when the Burning of Prospero box made the nesessary conversions really easy. I got the unit pretty much finished, then I hit my biggest snag: the transfers.

I've always hated doing transfers. They're fiddly and I'm ridiculously cack-handed at using them, so I normally don't bother with them. The problem is that I had a vision for my Breachers which involved arcane symbols and Legion icons all over them. My freehanding skills are about as good as my skill with transfers, so I lost my motivation to press on with the project and the squad were shelved again.

Until now!

Have you ever tried a hobby product and thought 'where have you been all my life'? That was my recent experience with Micro Sol and Micro Set.

I was talking to a friend at my local club about my twice-abandoned project and he recomended I give these a try. A quick trip to Amazon later and I decided to give them a go. I figured it couldn't do any harm to at least try them out.

My god the results were amazing. They make applying transfers a dream and produces a 'painted on' effect beyond anything I could have imagined. I really can't speak highly enough of these products. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who has trouble with applying transfers. I managed to get those four models done in just under an hour. That includes the time spent watching various Youtube tutorials to learn how to use them properly!

So yeah as you've probably gathered, I'm a very happy gamer right now. I can finally crack on and finish the unit which started the idea for my Thousand Sons army in the first place. Expect to see a picture of the finished unit very soon. I want to get them done in time for the big campaign game which my local club has planned for next monday. Hopefully I can finid the time this weekend to get them finished.