With the new Van Saars being teased last week I decided to get all my gangers together for a photo session.

 The new box set got me set up with both Eschers and Goliaths, both gangs that appealed to me the least in the last couple iterations of the game.

 The new Orlock plastics are definitely a step up from the originals.

 My favorite gang has always been Van Saar. These are Mad Robot Miniatures Vanderbilt Fighters. Thanks to the work of Mad Robot Steve I have some juves for this gang. I plan to hunt some down for all my other gangs as well but I expect it will be slow going.

Finally my Scum! He's lonely for now but with all these new bounty hunters and hangers-on that are listed in Gang War II and been announced will see some more like minded underhivers joining the pool.

I'm probably going to end up with one of each core gang box at the least. I've always liked the setting and so why not? Also I've got Chaos and Genestealer cultists that are waiting to have something done with them so why not add some heretics and a xenos menace in my underhive?