Mime Time! 
Back in May of last year my Harlequins took to the field of battle for the first (and still only) time. It was my first (and still only) game of Shadow War: Armageddon). In that game I had two "juve level" models called Mimes. It bothered me that the models were not WYSIWYG and I set about correcting that problem. After acquiring the models I wanted to use, in this case two of the passenger models from the Shadow Weaver kit, I kit-bashed them with a few Dark Eldar bits, most notably the mirror heads from the Wyches box set.

After some time I picked these clowns up again and began painting them in the Reaper's Mirth scheme that I have selected to paint my Harlequin force in.

Base coats.

Happily I can claim that it didn't take very long to complete these two.

Already finished?
 I will note a few changes to this scheme: The backpacks on the plastic Harlequins are a bit more dsitinguished then they are on the really old metals, so following the guide in the Warriors of the Laughing God paint guide I opted to paint these in a metallic color. I did this with Bolt Gun metal, Nuln Oil and a highlight of Mitheril Silver.

Back pack units. 
 The mirror masks, sword and knife were painted in Mitheril Silver, then a glaze of Drakenhof Nightshade, the highlighted slightly with Mitheril Silver again.

Final Highlights.
After that, I drew their icons onto their knee pads using a micron. I deviated their placement with the justification that these are 'juve-level' Harleys and this is a another way to distinguish that.

I have also started on another model used in that Shadow War game, but I will include him in a future Clowning Around post.

For the future.