A new range of scenery from Sarissa Precision...
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With our Streets of Rome range build the ancient city you have always wanted with our wonderful range of period-inspired kits. Although designed very much with the Gangs of Rome game in mind many have uses well beyond and outside this area. Enter if you dare...

NEW: 28mm Aqueduct Section

Bringing water to both the farmers out in the fields around the great city as well as the packed populace aqueducts were as beautiful as they were practical.  This section can be used as part of a causeway across your gaming area of coupled with an under construction section.
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NEW: 28mm Aqueduct Under Construction Section

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A range of beautiful themed kits that can be put together to form anything from a Rural Village, a tranquil hilltop Shrine or a Walled Garden around the Samurai Tea House with Bridges and Walkways.

Perfect for games like Warlord Games 'Test of Honour'GCT Studios 'Bushido the Game' or 'Ronin' from Osprey Publishing

NEW: Feudal Japanese Fence Set

Even fencing in feudal Japan was created with care and attention to detail by master craftsmen.  Our fence set is over 1.5m long which is enough to go around the biggest of Samurai gardens.
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NEW: Mount Hiei Temple Set

Created with Warlord Games with their new Test of Honour campaign set in mind this fortress-like temple, with its gates barred, made the Monks a real force to be reckoned with. Spending their day's training in the martial arts, reading scriptures and prayer these guardians of the region often protected the locals and defied Samurai Lords!
We currently have the Mount Hiei Temple set on offer. The footprint of this impressive building is approximately W550 x D650 x H210mm creating a fantastic centrepiece for your gaming table.
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EVENT: Salute 2018, Saturday 14th April preorders!

Next Friday the 30th March we will begin taking pre-orders for Salute 2018 if there is something, in particular, you would like us to bring - in whatever quantities you need - just place your order and we will have you covered!
We'll be at Salute 2018 next month and we'll have full pre-order details in the next newsletter.
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