Hi Readers, Thanks for dropping in. I thought I'd share my latest battlefield objective marker for my massive Battle Company of Relictors Chapter. As you may know (WD281 - Andy Hoare and Graham McNeill), the RELICTORS were first founded in the Age of Apostasy originally designated the FIRE CLAWS and are believed to have been created from Ultramarines and Dark Angel gene-seed. A transcript of the Mythos Angelica Mortis suggests that the Fire Claws may have been one of the 20 or so Astartes Praeses Chapters formed to defend the Eye of Terror region of space. These included the Excoriators, Marines Exemplar, the Night Watch, the Subjugators, the White Consuls and the Relictors/Fire Claws and have served as part of the Imperium's defences against Chaos for nigh on five millennia.
Rightly so, my Relictors scour the battlefields of the 41st Millennia searching for Relics, Daemon Weapons to fight Chaos with and most reverent amongst these is fallen Fire Claw artefacts...
A throne wouldn't be sitting there on the battlefield, so I added some Cities of Death Ruins to make it believable as part of a ruined building this fine warrior was once defending.
As no canon scheme exists (to my knowledge) of the Fire Claws, (Tiger Claws and Fire Hawks yes, no Fire Claws) I made this scheme using Space Wolf claw transfer from the Dark Imperium transfer sheet and some flames (similar to LotD - Fire Hawks... maybe a link there?) to make this Space Hulk Blood Angel a Fire Claw fallen Terminator. Shaved off a lot of blood drops and Liquid Green Stuff'ed the iconography, left a single blood drop on a chain in his lap as a reminder of where he came from ;) Now my Relictors have something truly personal to fight for!

Hope you like it. My other Objective Markers are a Fuel Dump and an Ammo Dump. This particular one only took just over EIGHT years to surface out of the to-do pile!!

Cheers, Siph. (5pts for terrain, 10 for Character, so i'll settle for 5pts)