Here we are again with the annual (-ish) feature on the Imperial Assassins. This time around I decided to finish this Culexus Assassin that has been halfway painted for sbout 15 years now. Unlike the two previous Assassins (Vindicare and Eversor) that were painted following steps from the White Dwarf Weekly issue that focused on the Execution Force boxed game release, this guy was painted in grey tones.

Culexus Assassin taught me to point at my target when I throw things. 

When I dug him out and compared him to the other two, I found the contrast to be a bit too intense, so I toned it back with a conservative wash of Nuln Oil.

Does he need a skull on that base? Hmmm...
The straps were painted using Khorne Red, Nuln Oil and Pink Horror. I picked out the cables using contrasting colors and applied Nuln Oil to the recesses on the helmet. After painting the psyche-out grenades I added grass tufts to the base and it was finished.

Vs. The Psychic Warp Mushroom! 
Just the Calidus left and I will have my old school Execution Force done!

Just a quick story about this guy before we sign off: I used to use the Culexus with my Space Wolves back in 3rd Ed. His rules back then would reduce the Leadership of all within 12" of him. And I used that rule with cunning efficiency. It was especially helpful against the Necrons at the time as they would be forced to take a LD test after so many losses to see if they would Phase Out of the battle. Using the Culexus I was able defeat Necrons at least twice due to the differnce he made in LD. Ahhh, It was a glorius time!