I have been slowly making progress on these original Mega-Armored Ork Nobz since I last posted about them. In order to just get through with this, I chose to break away the leader of these meganobz and just get him done. And with exception to his banner pole, he pretty much is now done.

The (mostly) finished Nazdreg miniature.

The miniature of Nazdreg, of which I discussed at length in the previous Bad Moon post, seemed to have attracted the most attention from me. After getting his paint job up to a certain level I pinned and glued his arms into position.

Nazdreg, right after his arms were pinned.
And over the course of like three weeks my available hobby time was greatly diminished, and I could only manage to dab some paint on here and there.

A dabbing session.

Eventually I dabbed on enough to get this guy mostly finished. In this pic I had finally settled on what color to paint his awesome shoota. I wanted to paint his gun yellow but it would have not looked right with his arm being yellow also so chose a weird sort of  'safety orange' color for parts of the weapon. I think this has turned out well.

You can dance ...if you want too.

This is from that era when the GW Design Studio had an uncontrollable urge to slap a skull on every part of every miniature, and old Nazdreg here was no exception. I painted the one on his knee a traditional bone color and some of the snaller ones were painted in a rusty/bronze. The glyphs on his shoulder also got the bronze simply because I was too indecisive on how to paint them. Traditionally ork glyphs are colored in contrasting colors but usually they are all a different from one another. Often this looks like a mess too me, so I feel that the solution to tone that mess done worked out very well.

"Skulls for da...wait ah sec..."

I thought the base needed something other than rocks and rubble, and It occurred to me that a marine helmet/head would be the nature choice. My recent work on the base for my Waaagh Plane incorporated elements of a destroyed Ultramarines bike, however there still too many Dark Angel players locally to not take advantage of the opportunity to take the piss out of 'em. So I painted up a spare head/helmet for use as a grisly trophy.

Another Dark Angel headed  for glory.

Using a bit of sponge, a liberal application of Blood for the Blood God paint was applied onto the bottom of the marine helm and in the area near where the head rests on the ground. The power claw got some too, perhaps suggesting that the corpse of this Astartes is mangled far worse than the evidence would show...

"Blood for the Blood God! Oy, did I really just say that?!"
Next up is his back pole and some grass on the base and this model will be done. Then the other three gits need their paint. Slowly, but surely, I will get there...