The Bad Moon rises.

When I wrote Part 2 I was under the delusional spell that the leader of  the pack, represented by the Nazdreg miniature from the end of 40k 2nd edition, was completed. However while completing the painting on the Bad moon Warphead it became apparent that I had somehow skipped the final color step on the yellow areas of the model. Bad Moon Yellow is the highlight color that I use for these chaps -and I totally missed it! (It is literally named after them! Ugh!)

Bad Moon Yellow highlight is complete.

As I did with the Warphead, I used Bloodletter in a few spots to provide a bit more tonal depth to the yellow areas. After a few touch-ups using Sunburst Yellow I finally capped it off with a Bad Moon Yellow highlight.

And the banner pole was finished also. 
I moved on to the other Meganobz, the first step being to paint blue into the black areas. Then I focused on the guns before moving onto the yellow areas where I applied Bad Moon Yellow highlights.

Progessing slowly...

Got a bit more work to do on these gits however, so we shall have to see how far I can manage to get by Part 4...