Here is another entry of Monday Muster where I give a sneak peak of the models I've worked on over the past week. This time around I have put paint on far too many projects but sometimes it's ok just to have fun painting.

I put in a few hours into my blood thirsty. This time around I took a shot at greenstuffing. I wanted to make broken marble for the basing. I messed around with marble veins and immediately hated it. I turned the veins into "happy mistakes" and went for a stone look instead.

Next up is WIP of my knight Raven Commisson im going to throw up on Ebay.I have an article in the making about strategy with House Raven and why they are one of the best offensive Knight Houses and are single handily changing the tournament meta.

And finally I have some Reivers that I picked up second hand that im going to repaint in the honor of the Imperial Fist. I might play a game or two with these before they go on Ebay too. I want to make a constant flow of painted Kill Team models to put on Ebay so more wargammers can easily get into 40k, and I get a reason to paint different models. So look forward to that in the future.

What have you all worked on over the weekend? Who out there are turning WIPs to master pieces?
Make sure to drop a comment below, and as always, the Emperor protects. - Kuyo