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Wargames Illustrated back Issues - 5 for £5/$8
Last weekend for FREE standard shipping (with orders over £20/$25) and the Wargames Illustrated 5 for £5/$8 offer (Watch Out for the December issue as it comes with either 2 plastic Vosper MTBs or E-boats)!

The Battle of France is here - it is now available to order! Alongside that, the French army has mobilised, their new units will hit the battlefield soon! Secure the front line with the new Maison Forte set from Sarissa Precision!
Plus, expand your book collection with 5 new authoritative Osprey books for your WW2 battles in France. Then prepare for Cruel Seas with a further 6 Osprey books dedicated to MTB action, up for pre-order...
Latest Releases
Bolt Action Logo
New Bolt Action Campaign Book Battle of France
Bolt Action - Battle of France Campaign Book:
Standing tall as one of the strongest nations at the time, the French empire finds itself defending its own soil against the German Blitzkrieg. Join the fight with our new Bolt Action Campaign – Battle of France!
New Bolt Action French Defence Force 1939-40
French Defence Force 1939:
The German war machine thunders across the French countryside, sweeping aside everything in their path. The stalwart French army stands ready to give their all in defence of their homeland.
New Bolt Action French 27mm Light Anti-tank Gun
French Army 25mm light anti-tank gun:
New Bolt Action French 47mm Medium Anti-tank Gun
French Army 47mm medium anti-tank gun:
New Bolt Action French Cavalry A
French Army Cavalry A:
New Bolt Action French Cavalry B
French Army Cavalry B:
New Bolt Action French 105mm Medium Howitzer
French Army 105mm medium howitzer:
New Bolt Action French Casualties
French Army Casualties:
New Bolt Action French Renault UE Chenilette
Renault UE Chenilette:
Similar to the Universal Carrier from the British Army, use the new Renault UE Chenilette and get your artillery into position!
New Sarissa Precision Bolt Action Maison Forte Set
Maison Forte Set:
Lock down the area and secure your position with the new Maison Forte Set Scenery Pack from Sarissa.
Black Powder Second Edition Logo
New Black Powder 2 Gold Collection
Black Powder 2 Gold Collection:
We’ve got a few copies of the Black Powder 2 Collector’s Edition available, so we’ve created a fantastic collector’s bundle that gives you the Waterloo starter set and some FREE metal mounted officers!
Blood Red Skies Logo

In Stores from Tomorrow!

Take to the air with Douglas Bader and Witold Urbanowicz with their Hurricane squadrons. Or join Squadron Leader Pick Pickard as he leads his Mosquito squadrons deep into enemy airspace!
Blood Red Skies Group Release Image
Warlord Event Cruel Seas + Blood Red Skies Boot Camp - Saturday 19th January - £25
Blood Red Skies and Cruel Seas Boot Camp:
Join us for a day of fun and games in the air and on the Cruel Seas. Build, paint and play for the day!

Available Today!

Carry your entire Blood Red Skies starter set with a foam insert designed so it can all safely fit within the starter box itself!
New Blood Red Skies Box Game Custom Foam Insert
Blood Red Skies Custom Foam Insert:
New Blood Red Skies Custom Foam Insert + Box Game
Blood Red Skies Custom Foam Insert + Box Game:
Osprey Collection
Start your weekend off right with a selection of Osprey books all based around the early period of World War II.
New Osprey Publishing Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel:
New Osprey Publishing France 1940
France 1940:
New Osprey Publishing Dunkirk 1940
Dunkirk 1940:
New Osprey Publishing Panzer IV v Char B1 Bis
Panzer IV vs Char B1 bis:
New Osprey Publishing Panzer III v Somua S35
Panzer III vs Somua S35:
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Cruel Seas Logo
With our brand new naval game, Cruel Seas, now available for pre-order. We thought to expand your (and our) book collections with this selection of naval history books from Osprey!
Pre-order Osprey Publishing British Motor Gun Boat 1939-45
British Motor Gun Boat:
Pre-order Osprey Publishing German E-Boats 1939-45
German E-boats 1939-45:
Pre-order Osprey Publishing Kriegsmarine Coastal Force
Kriegsmarine Coastal Forces:
Pre-order Osprey Publishing US Patrol Torpedo Boats
US Patrol Torpedo Boats:
Pre-order Osprey Publishing USN Destroyer vs IJN Destroyers
USN Destroyer vs IJN Destroyer - The Pacific 1943:
British Destroyer vs German Destroyer - Narvik 1940:
The Royal Navy built an extraordinary catalogue of excellent small boats, supported by larger vessels which gave serious firepower and, using the characteristics of each boat to maximum effect, fielded mixed formations supported by destroyers or powerful gun equipped landing craft.
Pre-orders Cruel Seas British Royal Navy Coastal Force
British Royal Navy Coastal Force:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas British Royal Navy Fleet
British Royal Navy Fleet:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas British Royal Vosper MTB Flotilla
British Navy Vosper Flotilla:
Infamous for their U-boats and naval tactics of targetting unprotected supply ships. Germany once sought to take on the might of the British Royal Navy but they quickly adapted tactics and utilised sneak and hit and run tactics instead.
Pre-orders Cruel Seas German Kriegsmarine Coastal Force
Kriegsmarine Coastal Force:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas Kriegsmarine Fleet
Kriegsmarine Fleet:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas Kriegsmarine S-Boat Flotilla
Kriegsmarine S-Boat Flotilla:
America had not been blind to the possibilities of the coming war and took great pains to watch and learn from her allies and foes so that when war came, America was ready. They put in place a building program that dwarfed all the other navies combined and led to the naval dominance that she still enjoys today.
Pre-orders Cruel Seas US Navy Coastal Force
US Navy Coastal Force:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas US Navy Fleet
US Navy Fleet:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas US Navy PT Boats Flotilla
US Navy PT Boats Flotilla:
Japan's battleships and cruisers were of excellent quality and their growing fleet or aircraft carriers would, after Pearl Harbor, give them the edge in the opening phase of the Pacific War. Excellent training, use of the Long Lance torpedoes and aggressive use of nighttime fast attacks with their destroyers also gave the allies a bloody nose before they learned to counter these attacks.
Pre-orders Cruel Seas Imperial Japanese Navy Starter
Imperial Japanese Navy Starter:
Pre-orders Cruel Seas Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet
Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet:

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