Missed out on my yearly look back as i was crippled with a migraine on Sunday, and we went to visit friends on Monday... still kept tradition of crashing out well before midnight tho haha.

Work has played a massive role in my painting this year, only 764 completed, my lowest since 2013, and its set to continue that way for the foreseeable future. This has lead me to take the difficult decision to close my commission service permanently... All requests will be passed on to a good friend of mine who has recently started up full time and is eager for work.

That being said i have managed to get these finished today to start my year rolling:

Last years resolution was a simple one: Decrease the lead mountain!

It sat at 676 on 1st of January 2018... and now sits at 383 whoop whoop, nearly halved it haha.

This year i think i will endeavor to try and half it again down to <200, and also to try and self fund my hobby addiction, starting with a big clear out of projects im never actually going to get started.