Playing a game of just Knights against each other in 40K is a great deal of fun.
Except when it isn't. Like when one side goes first and smokes half of your forces. Which is not that hard when you only brought four or five models.

Kill Team (and many other games) deals with this by alternating player turns. This is a game mechanic I think offers better results, and more enjoyable games. So like a olde tyme TV commercial about chocolate and peanut butter, lets see what happen when Knights are mixed with Kill team.

To be fair, this experiment is 40K with a Kill Team turn structure. So you still build your force, pick a Warlord plus traits, and use Stratagems, all from the Codex.

We picked a 100 PL list of Knights (I used 102...the Knights list isn't really granular..) and then played just like Kill Team (KT). It worked surprisingly well, and gave that tactical flavor that is missing from smaller games of 40K.

We did run into a few situations, which are addressed by some house rules:

Command Points. I like the way KT  generates Command Points (CP) every turn, but the 40K Stratagems are made expecting you to start with a few CP. So we decided that both sides start with 3 CP and generate 1 per turn, and a bonus 1 if your Warlord is still alive.

Morale. For our cinematic purposes we decided Vehicles auto-pass Morale Checks.

Long Range Modifiers. Vehicle mounted weapons (not pintle mounts) do not suffer from Long Range mods.

Splitting Fire: Vehicles may split fire freely, but must declare all targets before any weapons fire.

It's fun, easy, and makes for a more enjoyable robot fighting time!

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