Praise be unto the changer of the ways, the Council of Crows are ready for the upcoming Sump City Showdown campaign!

First off, gotta have the family photo! I ended up picking up a second box of the Corvus Cabal to make a few more gangers - While the predominantly pistol-and-axe guys looked great, a gang just needs a few members toting las- and autoguns! Also a couple special characters were added...

Leading the flock is Lord Macrorynchos, armed with his trusty flamer. I'm sure that at no time will he accidentally catch his wings on fire and plummet to his death...

Next in the hierarchy of the cult are two champions and a witch. Cadfan the Hidden Claw infiltrates onto the battlefield, carrying his trusty heavy stubber with him. Engelram is a pyromaniac like his lord, bearing a hand flamer and toting the cult icon. The cult's witch is known as The Korbinian and even among the deranged cultists he's seen as a bit of an odd duck. Well, raven.

The bulk of the cult is comprised of Helot Cultists, with Fichra, Velasco, Beltran, Korbl, and Merla acting as the firing line armed with a selection of rifles.

Hraban, Ravenna, Bertok, Hrokr, and Hrafn are all armed with various close combat weapons and refer to themselves the cult's Claws.

Magnon the Large provides some much-needed muscle to the cult, and also has possibly the worst pun name of any of my gangs to date. With all of the others being some raven or blackbird derivative name, I needed a real groaner. You see he's a Crow, Magnon.

...I'll see myself out.