More mayhem in the underhive! The fourth session had some schedule conflicts and as such we only had three players able to make it. As such we went with a couple narrative missions - There's been an ever-increasing surge of Plague Zombies showing up in Dust Falls over the last several sessions, and the 2nd Shift Linemen organized an assault on the hideout of P.T. Barnacle's Carnival of Wonder in a search for a potential cure or weapon to use against the shambling hordes, while the two Cawdor gangs decided to air their grievances and attempt to establish whether the Lectitio Divinitatus should be printed in a Serif or Sans Serif font.

I pulled out all the sloppy and slimy tiles and ginned up a hideout for the scavvy cavalcade of P.T. Barnacle, with a vault where the vial of mcguffinite is stored and stationed the disgusting horde here and there throughout, where they lay in wait for the Van Saars.


The high-tech ordnance of the 2nd Shift Linemen paved the way for the gangers as they delved ever deeper into the muck, with a few succumbing to the tender ministrations of the Scavvies. Luckily though none of them were captured or eaten and they managed to retrieve several containers of samples that the Van Saar chemists would be able to synthesize into a weapon to fend off the incipient zombie plague.


On the other table, The Light of the Emperor's Benediction and the congregation of Meticulosa Nomen clashed near one of the downhive Schola Progenium, where they battled it out over the souls of the juves (and future congregants).


Both gangs deployed along the catwalks and took cover among the rubble, cat-calling and sniping at each other across the playground.


Eventually the forces of Good(?) triumphed over the forces of Evil(?) though when the dust settled nobody really seemed to know which gang was the victor. "All them Cawdor nutjobs look alike ta' me." claimed one onlooker, once the flames had died down. In the end, the merry-go-round was deemed heretical and the smoldering ruins were left as a warning to all. What that warning may be is still up for debate.

Next up, the dramatic conclusion of the campaign as the zombie hordes pour forth from the Abyss!