Hello all, I hope you are all staying safe.

On the painting slab at the moment are some terrain and objective markers which I've had for ages, and really wanted to complete.


Up first are the ammo crates, these have had a base of Death guard green, and then washed with Agrax. The support, as well as the various tank traps have had a boltgun base, with again, an agrax wash. These will get a final highlight to finish.


These objectives are from a full set produced by GW a while ago, including a control and comms unit, medical kit and a drop pod. These are slowly coming together, I am planning to have a number added to each piece to show the objective number.

Comms relay and alien holder- poor genestealer..
 I am lookng to potentially add a body to the drop pod..
 The command terminal.
thanks for stopping by! LH