Picking up from where I left off in my last post:

The Desert Wolves

Sadly, no photos exist of this army so I'll just be going off of memory, though I do recall using the above icon as their chapter symbol. The Desert Wolves were one of the first armies I sold on eBay and as I recall, their new home was in the US Virgin Islands. Looking into my eBay profile...I joined in the year 2000, started selling stuff a year or two later...so that would date the army to around the turn of the century which was 3rd edition 40k.

As for their 'fluff' here's the gist of it:

A Red Wolves strike cruiser enroute to some warzone or another was thrown off course due to a warpstorm and crash landed on an ork infested desert world (yes, it was GORKAMORKA). Cut off from the imperium, hopelessly outnumbered, and trying to cleanse the planet with their limited resources, the Red Wolves had to evolve in order to survive. It was found that their red armor attracted Orks like moths to a flame, so they had to resort to using desert camouflage. 

At some point in their years of isolation, they renamed themselves the Desert Wolves. Eventually the ragged survivors were found and reunited with the rest of their chapter, but by then they had deviated so far from the Red Wolves in nature, that they were instead given a strike cruiser and struck out on their own as a new, separate chapter.


The bright spot of the army was in my opinion their tanks. Festooned with fuel tanks, jerry cans, and boxes of supplies and stowage to the point that my Imperial Forestry Service Rhino looks kinda sparse in comparison. They were essentially the space marine equivalent of the Long Range Desert Group which I'm sure you all find shocking given the name of this blog.

After much though I've decided that I'd rather not revisit the army. The paint scheme is already different anyways. i.e.: bright fucking orange as opposed to a desert tan. Whilst I loved the way my Desert Wolves' tanks looked, I could never get the infantry to look right and was always frustratingly disappointed in their appearance. Not that I actually recall 20ish years later, but that is likely the cause for my selling off the army.

I found a sheet of black tactical arrows, so will go back and reapply those I think.

These first few marines were intended just to test out contrast paint and my new weathering washes, nothing more than that. That said...I've been gravitating towards the Hounds of Demos, an old, obscure canon chapter that pretty much exists in name only. Like the Silver Drakes, this suits me fine as it leaves me room to do with them as I please. Thus their odds of achieving at least a functional kill team is pretty good, whereas full on army status is probably 50/50 at best...