In and amongst the experimentations on my Hounds of Demos, principally whilst waiting for the various layers of wash and/ or the contrast paint itself to dry, I was adding in some base coats and blocking out the colors on a squad of *my* new Chaos Space Marine force: The Children of Torment.

They quietly amassed in number yet were pushed aside while I finished up my Silver Drakes. They along with my preexisting squad of cultists clock in at approximately 500 points. That's probably the limit of my attention span for a new army and in all likelihood well beyond my want to actually paint all of it! However this small force isn't actually for me, but rather My Beloved Wolfy.

My 1st WIP squad of Chaos marines. Unfortunately...the aspiring champion (turned-exalted champion) in back has taken a feline induced tumble off of my desk and the chain axe broke. Looks like there was a casting flaw so that break was inevitable. However I didn't have any chaos CCWs, so he has been rearmed with a captured loyalist chainsword. Bleh

Now it is true that her Fem Fa'Tau have been hidden away in storage for what seems like years now, and she has shown no want to play 40k (or anything else here recently) either. However when I tired of my old Chaos Space Marine army and sold it off (seriously, their color scheme was a nightmare), she was quite upset that I had sold her army without even asking her permission to do so! 

But-wait, WHAT?!? 

The first army she ever used in learning to play 40k were my chaos marines. Well, when things became serious in our relationship, the old adage of 'what's hers is hers and what's mine is hers' was instituted without my knowledge...apparently. So the Fem Fa'Tau aside, she's (quote) always had a soft spot for chaos which was my first army (end quote).

'What was that? Another request for Delightful Agonies?'

In general, I've never been a fan of the noise marine minis or rules, that said I LOVE this guy! As such, he's slated to serve as this army's sorcerer. His powers will instead be sonically projected (with amps!) rather than via the usually chanted incantations of his more traditional peers...

We had talked of buying the Shadowspear boxed set and splitting it, but at the time of its release funds were not available and real life had us busy with 'it' instead. Still, I kept her love of Chaos in the back of my mind and a little ways back started amassing this little army for her use. Hey! I can use it too!

(uh...right? My love? Baby...?

This pic is straight out of the eBay auction.

My first purchase was actually a $34 Helbrute purchased on eBay pre-painted and only in need of basing. A few minor assembly issues aside (only really noticeable if you're looking for em), it was painted on par with, if not surpassing my own painting skills. So well done to whomever actually painted this beast!

I miss my buddy Neverness so much I felt compelled to put Space puppies debris on the Helbrute's base...

This crumpled plow is my first use of the rust weathering wash. However given all of the red that had been dry brushed on their beforehand I don't think it really added anything to it. 

I did swap out the multi-melta (a mediocre weapon) for a missile launcher (also a mediocre weapon, albeit one with twice the range). For it's secondary weapon I have it equipped with a heavy flamer which fires (literally, lol) out of the maw in the palm of it's fist. 

To date, aside from complimenting my painting of that lone chaos marine and the basing of the Helbrute, she has yet to show any real interest in  this army. That said, she's well aware that they are 'hers' and thus they'll all likely get painted (someday) as selling 'em is certainly out of the question!