I love this image, I really wish I knew who the artist was!

Yeah, yeah, I know...this marine chapter has had almost as many names as it does marines by this point, lol. This is all Zzzzzz's fault, he's the one who called them that in the comments of their last post. Naturally the name appealed to me and yet another name change was in order.

Desert Wolves 2.0...No.
Hounds of Demos...No.
Incandescent Coyotes...Yes!

Various definitions of incandescent are white/red hot, burning with passion, fiery, etc., between their orange paint and love of meltaguns this seems appropriate. Incidentally, Incandescent also appears to be a word that I can't spell consistently without the frequent assistance of spellcheck. 

Oh, and whilst on the subject of fiery, I was making six pepper pasta the other day (fantastic stuff, highly recommended!) and one of the ingredients is Adobo sauce. Hmm, I've never had that before, wonder what it tastes like? I  thought. Thus I dipped my finger in it, put said finger into my mouth for a taste and WOW! Yeah...THAT was an eye opening experience! Fiery indeed...

But anyways...back to the marines themselves, that's really why you're here right? Right.

The rest of the first combat squad.

These three are the latest WIP marines for my Incandescent Coyotes. I got a little ahead of myself, applying decals before inking the non-contrast painted portions but no matter, I can do that next. Out of order but nothing that will make the end result look any different. 

Wow, just look at that pristinely white helmet stipe will ya? That won't do, won't do at all-to the inks and washes with you!!

I showed these pics to my Beloved Wolfy who derisively commented 'They look red, and too much like marines.' To which I replied 'but...but that's cause they are marines honey.' With a disgusted snort she said 'whatever' and handed back my phone. A loyalist to the Imperium she is not!  

Note the difference is size between the (apparently) more finely-crafted combi-melta vs. the more utilitarian meltagun, both of which came from the same kit. 

Next on the agenda for these guys is the sepia wash to the non-orange areas, the base coat the base, another shot of clear coat and then its onto the sand washing/learning process again...