British Army Patrol

When Airfix were going through their strange-management phase, they wildly over produced British Army Afghan models in 1/48 under the brand of Operation Herrick so these models are cheaply available on eBay.

They are very sophisticated kits, more complex than Tamiya equivalents. As well as the Coyote, Land Rover, vehicle crew, dismounts and Warrior in my collection, they also make a Jackal and a Lynx Helicopter.

The Coyote is classed as a Recce vehicle by the army and is a light Tactical Support Vehicle. It is not armoured against artillery or direct fire but has excellent IED and mine blast protection. Heavily armed, it is used for carrying supplies for smaller Protected Patrol Vehicles, escorting convoys and fast assault against insurgent bases.

Warrior IFV

The Warrior is my latest model. It is of course the Army's legacy Mechanised Warfare IFV.

Warrior is now rather long in the tooth and in need of replacing or upgrading like its stablemate, the Challenger MBT. However, like the Challenger Warrior is still a potent machine with modern thermal imaging and enhanced composite armour.

Note The Profusion Of Electronic Equipment

Warrior is armed with a 30 mm Rarden Cannon and eight 94 mm HEAT missiles. It has a crew of three and seven dismounts.

Side View

The Airfix kit comes with all-round bar shields to disable or prematurely detonate RPG weapons but I decided to leave these off as they make the model bulky for wargaming and, I think, spoil the look of the model.