Showroom Clean For The Discerning Insurgent

Mike Brewer of uTube channel Wheeler-Dealer tells of when he was sitting outside an Afghan US airbase coffee-house waiting for his transport when a plane landed. A bunch of men, tall, chiselled chins, black polonecks, holsters on hip, detrained pushing along an Afghan prisoner in front of them. The Afghan looked up, did a double-take, and yelled 'Mike Brewer - Wheeler Dealers - Great Show."

Slipping free of the dumbfounded polo-necks [Who is this Limey?], he proceeded to pump Mike's hand and quote his favourite sections. As they dragged off the unfortunate ex-combatant he exclaimed, "Mike, why haven't you reviewed the Toyota Hilux?"

So until Mike does, here is my review of the Antenocitis Workshop 28 mm version. The AW website is not the most sophisticated or user friendly in existence but my link takes you right to it. This is a nicely cast resin model which required no filler at all. it comes in one part except for the wheels so assembly takes about 45 seconds - and it sits flat on the table. There are no metal add ons, so no wing mirrors but everything is beautifully sculpted. I really like the aluminium wheels.

Looking For Targets

The model comes empty. I have added a recoilless rifle from another model in the AW range and the figure is Eureka(?).

You will see this particular rifle, the American 105 mm M40, everywhere on Toyotas around the world. It was a popular model even before the Chinese mass-produced an identical knock-off and then Iran knocked off the knock-off.

The model is just the right scale for a modern 28 mm army - I reckon its about 1:50ish.

And you can buy it for the incredible price of £8.50 - great value.

Highly recommended.