The final game of Beachhead Brawl would see my White Scars take on Phil's Iron Hands in ITC mission 6. This game took place pre-Iron Hands nerf, so that would have a big shooting advantage throughout the game. 

My army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment
Captain on Bike- Twin Bolter, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Master of Snares, Wrath of the Heavens
Librarian- Jump Pack, Force Stave, Mantle of the Stormseer, Ride the Winds, Storm-wreathed
5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols
5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols
5 Intercessors- Bolt Rifles, Bolt Pistols
Impulsor- 2 Storm Bolters, Ironhail Heavy Stubber, Shield Dome
3 Eliminators- Bolt Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks
3 Eliminators- Bolt Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks

Battalion Detachment
Captain- Jump Pack, Master Crafted Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Chapter Master, Imperium's Sword
Lieutenant- Jump Pack, Power Axe, MC Bolter
5 Scouts- Bolters
5 Scouts- Bolters
5 Scouts- Bolt Pistol, Combat Knives
3 Inceptors- Assault Bolters
3 Inceptors- Assault Bolters

Battalion Detachment
Chaplain- Jump Pack, Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol, Litany of Hate, Warlord
Phobos Librarian- Force Sword, Camo Cloak, Shrouding, Mind Raid
5 Infiltrators- Marksman Bolt Carbines, Smoke Grenades
5 Infiltrators- Marksman Bolt Carbines, Smoke Grenades
5 Tactical Marines- Bolters, Lascannon
Thunderfire Cannon- Techmarine Gunner with Flamer, Plasma Cutter, 2 Servo-arms

Phil's army consisted of:
Battalion Detachment (Iron Hands)
Primaris Lieutenant- Master-crafted Stalker Bolt Rifle
Techmarine- Bolt Pistol, Power Axe, Servo-arm
5 Intercessors- Stalker Bolt Rifles
5 Intercessors- Stalker Bolt Rifles
5 Intercessors- Stalker Bolt Rifles
Land Speeder Tempest- Assault Cannon, 2 Tempest salvo Launchers
Land Speeder Tempest- Assault Cannon, 2 Tempest salvo Launchers
Mortis Dreadnought- 2 Twin Lascannons

Spearhead Detachment (Iron Hands)
Primaris Chaplain- Litany of Hate, Catechism of Fire
3 Eliminators- Bolt Sniper Rifle, Camo Cloaks
3 Eliminators- Bolt Sniper Rifle, Camo Cloaks
Thunderfire Cannon- Techmarine Gunner with Flamer, Plasma Cutter, 2 Servo-arms
Thunderfire Cannon- Techmarine Gunner with Flamer, Plasma Cutter, 2 Servo-arms

Air Wing Detachment (Iron Hands)
Stormtalon Gunship
Stormtalon Gunship
Stormtalon Gunship

A tough Iron Hands list, featuring a lot of firepower and a lot of vehicles, as well as some sniper shots to take out my characters. I was going to have to play well to get past this army!

For secondaries, I chose Recon, Engineers (2 Intercessor squads) and Big Game Hunter. Phil chose Butcher's Bill, Headhunter and Old School. 

Phil then deployed his army. He put a unit of Intercessors in the ruins to the left, back up by the two Land Speeders and one Storm Talon. 
The Dreadnought and Repulsor deployed towards the right flank, backed up by the characters and Thunderfire Cannon. The other two Storm Talons went on the right flank. The Eliminators set up in the central ruins, near the objective. 

I then deployed my forces. I put my main firepower force in the centre, with the Thunderfire Cannon backed up by the Eliminators, with an Intercessor squad screening them. The Chaplain, Librarian and Biker Captain went on the left flank, with a unit of Scouts screening them from the enemy firepower. 

The Scouts and Phobos Librarian infiltrated on the right flank and centre. The Tactical Squad helped screen the Chapter Master, Lieutenant and Chaplain on the right flank. I chose to put the Impulsor, Infiltrators and Inceptors in reserve. 

Phil chose to take the first turn and I failed to seize the initiative. 

At the start of turn 1, we were both in Devastator Doctrine, and both Chaplains failed their canticles. 

On the right flank, the two Stormtalons moved up on the enemy position. On the left flank, the Land Speeders moved up to target the Scouts, while the Flyer moved up on the central ruins. 

The Land Speeder Tempest fired on the Scouts, wiping them out. The second Speeder was then able to fire at the Phobos Librarian and put three wounds on him. The Stormtalon fired at the central Scouts, wiping out the unit. 

The second Stormtalon fired at the last unit of Scouts and the Eliminators, killing three Scouts after some great saves from me (I saved the 2 Lascannon and Missile Launcher shots!). The third Flyer added its firepower, killing the last two Scouts. 

That could have been a lot worse. Some lucky saves from my Scouts had kept my characters alive. Out of around 50 shots this turn, Phil only missed about 6, as he was hitting on a 2+ re-rollable. 

At the end of his turn, he scored hold 1, kill 1, First Strike and Butcher's Bill (1/4) to give him four points. 


The Biker Captain advanced on the Repulsor, with the Librarian moving up to grab the objective and support him. The Chaplain, Lieutenant and Chapter Master moved up on the Stormtalon, while an Intercessor squad advanced onto the central objective. 

In the psychic phase, the Librarian cast Storm-wreathed on the Biker Captain. Phil used an Iron Hands stratagem to block the power (needing a CP re-roll to do so). The Librarian then cast Ride the Winds on the Captain. The Phobos Librarian cast Smite, doing one wound on a Land Speeder, followed by Mind Raid to do another. 

The Tactical Squad fired at the Land Speeder, but failed to hit. The Eliminators fired at the enemy Techmarine, doing two wounds. The other squad fired at the Iron Hands' Eliminators, wounding them once. The Thunderfire Cannon was able to kill one of the enemy Eliminators. 

In the charge phase, the Captain charged the Intercessors and Dreadnought, rolling a double 1 for the charge. Fortunately, the psychic power allowed me to make it in!

The Intercessors charged the Eliminators, losing one to the overwatch fire. The Chaplain then charged the flyer, managing to survive the overwatch fire with only a couple of wounds lost. The Chapter Master and Lieutenant followed him in. 

The Biker Captain was only able to kill two of the Intercessors in combat, but was able to move to contact the Repulsor in combat. The Intercessors put one wound on the Eliminators. The Chapter Master was able to destroy the Stormtalon. I used the stratagem to allow him to consolidate D6+6", moving him into cover below the Eliminators. 

The attacks back from the Iron Hands saw the Captain take one wound, and the Intercessors take one wound. 

At the end of my turn, I scored Hold 1, Kill 1, Recon (1/4), Big Game Hunter (1/4), Hold more and the bonus point. Phil scored kill more. 

Iron Hands- 5
White Scars- 6

A very close first turn. I was ahead by one point, but my Scouts had taken a pasting. Hopefully, I had shut down some of the enemy firepower, but the Land Speeders and flyers would still be giving me problems in turn 2. 

I moved to the Tactical Doctrine, while Phil stayed in the Devastator doctrine (this game was pre-FAQ). Both canticles failed once more. 

The Stormtalons and Land Speeders moved up on the central ruins, while one branched off to target the Tactical Squad. The Intercessors fell back from combat with the Captain towards the Librarian, while the Master of Snares ability kept the Repulsor locked in combat (thankfully!). The Eliminators fell back from combat. 

In the shooting phase, Phil had planned to target my characters in the centre with his flyers. However, he had positioned them too close to my Elimintors and Intercessors, and he could not target them with his firepower. 

The Flyer fired at the Eliminators and Intercessors, killing two Intercessors and wounding an Eliminator. The second Stormtalon fired at the Intercessors, killing two of them and leaving one left. The Thunderfire Cannon targeted the lone Intercessor in the centre, doing 6 wounds, be he only failed one! The second Thunderfire Cannon was able to kill off the Intercessor. 

The Land Speeder fired at the Tactical Squad, killing three. The other speeder was able to kill the Chaplain. 

In the charge phase, the Dreadnought assaulted the Biker Captain, only managing to do one wound, which was saved. The Captain struck back, destroying the Dreadnought with his Thunder Hammer. 

At the end of his turn, Phil scored hold 1 and kill 1. 


The Chapter Master and Lieutenant advanced into the cover of the ruins holding the Eliminators. I had hidden them behind the ruins to allow them to charge the Flyers without suffering the overwatch fire. 
At the end of the phase, I brought in the Inceptors on each flank. 

The Librarian cast Smite, but the wound was blocked by the Iron Hands Intercessor. 

The White Scars Eliminators opened fire on the Techmarine Warlord, wounding him once. The Inceptors fired at the Intercessors on the right flank, only managing 7 hits out of 18 shots! They wounded 6 times and were able to get through through the Iron Hands' saves. The Thunderfire Cannon added its firepower, but was only able to kill one more. 

The other squad of Inceptors did better, firing at the exposed Primaris Lieutenant and killing him.

In the charge phase, the Chapter Master and Lieutenant charged both Stormtalons. The Inceptors failed a charge on the Thunderfire Cannon. 

The Chapter Master struck down one Stormtalon, while the Lieutenant put one wound on the other. The Biker Captain was able to put 3 wounds on the Repulsor, taking 9 damage from it. At the end of the phase, I spent 3CP to fight again and the Chapter Master was able to kill off the final Stormtalon. 

At the end of my turn, I scored Big Game Hunter (3/4), Engineers (1/4), Recon (2/4), hold 1, kill 1, hold more and kill more. 

Iron Hands- 7
White Scars- 16

A great second turn for the White Scars had seen much of the enemy threat neutralised. Some poor positioning of his Flyers meant that Phil was unable to kill off my characters in the centre. Had he taken out the Chapter Master and Lieutenant, I would not have been able to finish off the two Stormtalons. 


In the third turn, I moved to the Assault Doctrine. 

The Master of Snares ability once more prevented the Repulsor from falling back from combat. At this point, Phil decided to concede the game. He may have played on if he had the firepower of the Repulsor to take out my Captain on Bike. With his flyers dead and much of my army still intact, there was little he could do to close the points gap to bring back a win. 

That was not the way I expected that game to go!

This game took place before the FAQ that changed the Iron Hands rules, as well as the rules for Doctrines. This meant that Iron Hands were pretty much the dominant army across the game, with units being able to stay in the Devastator doctrine for the whole game.

The first turn didn't actually go as badly as I thought it might. I lost the three Scout units, but some very good luck with my saves meant that I did not lose any of my characters to the firepower of the flyers.

This meant I still had a strong force for taking on the enemy vehicles and taking the fight to them.

I was also helped once more in this game by some movement errors from Phil. In turn 2, he was not careful with the positioning of the two remaining Stormtalons. This meant that he could not use their firepower to target my Chapter Master, Chaplain and Lieutenant. Again, some luck with my saves meant that the Thunderfire cannons could not take out all the Intercessors in the centre, so my characters were mostly kept safe from the firepower of the Land Speeders.

Having the Chapter Master survive meant that I could take out both remaining Stormtalons in one turn of combat; The Thunder Hammer Chapter Master is a beast in combat!

I think it would have been tough for Phil to get back in the game, but there are some things he might have been able to do. However, I think shutting down the firepower of the Repulsor for a third turn in a row was the last straw and he decided to concede.

Had the Landspeeders been able to take out the Chapter Master with their firepower, I think he might have been back in the game. The two Thunderfire Cannons would have been able to do some damage to my infantry, and he still had the Eliminators to target my characters, as well as some Intercessor squads for going after the objectives.

Overall, a reasonable outing for the White Scars. Of the 6 games, I had won three and lost three, including facing some very tough lists and getting seized on twice in a row.

Not long after this event, the new Space Marie FAQ dropped, fixing some of the issues with Iron Hands and other Chapters. This made a big difference to the next tournament that I played in, as well as the changes to the ITC missions.

As 9th edition 40k gets going, I will be interested to see how the tournament scene will be changing in response.