Lord Inquisitor Hiser the Hisarion. 

After a grueling 12 days straight working approximately 90 hours, I was finally able to get back to this guy.

The psychic rod was based using an Ral Partha Bronze paint. After twenty years that paint is still one of my favorite paints to break out for under coating golds .

I used Agrax Earhshade wash all over the reds to tone it down before painting over that with Mephiston Red.

Go Fasta Red was the primary highlight color on the armor with the original Blood Angel Orange (yes, Blood Angels used to highligbted with orange 30 years ago) as the final highlight.

In a mad frenzy I jammed out the rest of this model to a level where I could declare him to be done!

I drew the 'I' on his cowel and the word 'ORDO' on his right shoulder using a Micron. The first attempt of the 'I' turned out crooked (above pic) so I fixed that. 

I notice the big horned skulls  have a leering expression that reminds me a bit of the early Eddie artwork featured on the '80's era Iron Maiden LPs. The GW design studio in the later years of the Ansel era  had a real metal vibe going on and it often crossed over into the miniatures. They even had a gun totting skeleton that was clearly inspired by a Megadeth album cover.

The right shoulder has clearly been left blank so that a badge, icon or art could be put there but I am stumped on what to do there. I like it as is so for now that's how it shall remain.

And he is done, and ready to join his fellows at this year's Conclave. I even came up with a name for this model, Hiser the Hisarion, a homage to an old friend from around that time. I don't have a snazzy back story at this time, but maybe one will evolve in time.

But before I conclude this, I wanted to share sn example of the size-creep that has occurred with the terminator miniatures over the past 30 years. The design hasn't changed much, but the scale has for sure!

"What I lack in height I make up in power!"

Remember, I need your final Inquisitor pics and links Sunday evening (my time, which is Eastern Standard Time) if you want them to be featured  in the final Conclave post next week. Send them to neverness92@gmail.com.