As noted at the end of the 2020 Inquisitional Conclave post, I decided to give those who are going to be late a grace period of a few days. One reason for this is way back when I first posted the idea of doing this challenge was that I did state a deadline of September 1st, however my work schedule made things difficult so I moved the deadline up a few days. But then I realized, and received messages also, that some folks might not have caught that deadline change. So no worries, we'll just let them be fashionably late. So let's see who is slipping in the door while the first presentation is starting off...

The first person to show up fashionably late was Inquisitor Greyfax. Things got a bit tense when the two Greyfax's were seated next to each other, but stranger things have happened....

Check out Rory's post for more details.

"What you mean you don't like my hat?"

...and sadly, that was the only one. Zzzzzz over at Devos4 has been communicating with me but he has had some complications. Perhaps his Inquisitor will gatecrash the Conclave at a later point? We shall see.

Alternate view of Oblivianna*

I haven't heard from anyone else so it's safe to say we can close the doors and let these Inquisitors get down to business.

Thanks to each and everyone who participated and who came to view our collection of Imperial fanatics, it was a lot of fun. What do you all say, shall we do it again next year?
Alternate view of Waaarghpug's** model.

Also, as a reminder for those who dig these paint/model challenges the big one, and my favorite one, is next month. I am talking about Dreadtober. Dreadtober is the annual challenge to paint a dreadnought, or dreadnought class (i.e. a Tyranod Carnifex), model by month's end. Not sure who is running it this year but I expect to hear some chatter by month's end.

Some git got started early! 

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