Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity It's my #blogaversary and somehow I've been at this for a decade. What can I say? I'll  start with the bad, because there has to be some negatives in all of this. Thankfully it's just the one - it is so much harder to blog now than it ever was. With the weight of all these years I know what feels right for me to type but 'new' Blogger is frustrating to use now. And I have to keep getting out my son's old laptop to do it, which is an inconvenience and another reason to put off typing something up.

On the plus side, although I think blogs are far less popular than they used to be, I think I'm seeing a move by the community to embrace the opportunities they provide. Other platforms, like twitter, have become massively popular but I think hobbyists are seeing the benefit of being able to curate their own space, without all the hassles that a fully open platform brings.

Of course I'm not in this for popularity. Numbers are always nice and although I once would have loved to achieve that elusive 40k views in a month, I'm just happy to get a post out, regardless of who sees it. Here's my graph, which is purely for the other bloggers to see how things have fluctuated over the years. 

So, despite the challenges of blogging that I face, I still really enjoy the process. Getting to write things down, having a body of work 10 years in the making - the figures, the conversions, scratchbuilds, all of it and recording as much of the process as possible... I never thought I could achieve such a thing. 3.5 million words when last I ran a word count tool, probably nearer to 4 million now!

For all those who have come along for the ride, whether it be the beginning of the decade or even now at the start of the next, thank you for sharing my hobby. Being there when I need support, putting up with my inability to edit and be brief and for commenting about the little things I paint that you find worthy. Thanks for justifying the time and effort in keeping the blog going, you make it all worthwhile! 😻