Well thank feck that shit year is done!

This year gone I had vowed to reduce my lead mountain, starting 2020 with 735 and finishing with 303... not too bad, and i painted 981 minis on route hehe.

Of what remains from the previous year i have my Deepwars glaring at me from the paint stand above my head, I have a small Ogor Mawtribes army from the Feats of Bones box in late 2019, my copy of Battlemasters from the 90s and all my Wargods of Olympus stuff that the rulebook finally came out earlier this year!

2020s additions that still await painting are 10 Daemonettes and 30 Plaguebearers so they will be early priorities following the two officers I have for my my Napoleonic Portuguese.

No one really got games in this year, and of the four systems I wanted to concentrate on (AoS/LoTR/BA/Godtear) I sold two and a few armies of the others. The flavour games I got all my models painted for these or sold off a few of the outliers so that's all good. 

I have a plan to paint up both Royalist and Patriot armies for the South American wars of independence for Black Powder, a project im eager to get started on as the eclectic mix of uniforms will look amazing on the boards... painting all the Portuguese this year has really given me the historical bug haha.

So thats my big plan for the year; two more Black powder armies whoop!