Since I didn't actually cover any hobby related activity in my 2020 Recap, this post will do just that. Below is all my hobby related projects and activities for 2020.

I typically do some kind of annual round-up or group shot of what I worked on over the year, but I've been really slow at pulling that all together. Because it was such a crazy year, I had actually forgotten about some of the earlier projects (including the model I was most proud of painting lol).

This Vanguard Pallador-Prime was painted up as part of last year's Fembruary Challenge. I really enjoyed working on this one as I didn't think about it too much and just sorta put paint on it while watching a movie. I love how the Gryph-charger turned out and just hope I can replicate it for the rest of the squad!

Next, I started on some metal Harlequins which I've been intimidated by for a looong time. I also finished basing & painting all of my movement trays in preparation to start playing events... but we all know how well that turned out thanks to the pandemic.

The year started out pretty strong on the gaming front actually, as my son Gabe had recently finished painting his Tau army and learning the core rules and mechanics of 8th ed. at that time. So I'm pretty lucky to still be getting games in at home during lockdown. But I was even starting to branch back out locally as ITC was still going STRONG in my area. In fact, I think the last recorded ITC Major event in the world took place in my small hometown! It's crazy, events were popping up all over the place and I remember trying to buy a ticket as soon as I heard about it but only landed on the waitlist.

Also, since we're reminiscing about actual social interactions, I think the highlight for last year would have to be when I met up with a few of the Goonhammer guys at another local ITC event / impromptu UMBC alumni reunion 😉. It was fun grabbing lunch in between Rob's games and just catching up on life since college. I really cannot wait till we are safely back to in-person gaming events, and I believe Goonhammer was planning a GT / con of their own before lockdowns, so hopefully that's something we can all look forward to in the not-too-distant future!

Next up, the Yncarne! Thank you citadel contrast and technical paints for doing the heavy lifting on this one. Then the rest of that month, I finished kit-bashing my Flying Talos, then doing most of the work for the home game table improvements:

Next up, I painted this model for Daisy's 4th birthday:

Then we have the ever-lovely DreadTober challenge:

Last but not least, the Unity challenge to round out the hobby year:

All in all, not a bad year from a hobby output perspective. I worked on some really excellent models & fun challenges, and hoping to knock out even more of the unpainted backlog this year. Cheers!