Frankie joined me for another bout of X-Wing this past weekend and here's how it all went down...

Frankie wanted to use some of the FLGS' 3D-printed Hoth terrain for Star Wars Legion as asteroids rather than the usual cardboard chits. We decided that the low split on the left side asteroid would be passable to fighters without any ill effect.

As such, my Binayre pilot took his Z-95 off in the direction to do just that, whereas my smarter pilots decided to go around...

X-Wings approaching from the other side. 

The Z-95 chickened out and instead made a hard right towards the Red Kraken that was charging across the center of the board. This Y-wing (which was outfitted with a bomb loadout upgrade yet no bombs because stupid pirates), squeaked by in hopes of making of a flanking run.  

Overconfident due to the Kraken's near invincibility in the past, Frankie charged straight into the teeth of my force and lost damned near all of the Kraken's shields for his efforts. 

His Z-95 unsuccessfully tried to thread the gap, losing a shield in the process. 

That said, he was rather amused as my Z-95 then flew straight into another asteroid in the following turn. 

The opposite flank of the board also saw some seriously close maneuvering as well!

Dipping into armor at this point, Chewbacca slews the Kraken around in a K-turn, Whilst the passing Dragonfly continues to pump dorsal ventral turret fire into the rebel YT. 

With ships scattered all over, I'd like to point out the two Black Sun Z-95s on the right. The one facing the X-Wings was my leader, N'Dru Suhlak (curiously I can't find a pic of him/her/it) who also had the Lone wolf and hull upgrade cards. Thus he got an extra shot and could reroll a blank die while either attacking or defending so long as no friendlies were within range 1-2.

But do you see that other Z-95 to his left? 

Yup, that little fucker wandered within range two, robbing N'Dru of his bonuses, and as a result the two X-Wings made short work of him, blasting thru all of his shields and hull points in one turn.  Damnit!

Speaking of leaders, Chewbacca and the Red Kraken were down to their last hull point and although the Kraken stripped all of the shields from my incoming Y-Wing, the Y's return fire finished him off!

Frankie's X-Wings however were still on a tear and would vaporize The Dragonfly in a quick retaliation!

At this point my buddy Rob wandered into the shop, and there was an intermission whilst we caught up. Frankie meanwhile played X-Wing Jenga, and the battle resumed once I took notice of both this and his obvious boredom. 

I'm not sure as to at when his Z-95 met it's end, but the tide finally turned at this point as I took down one of his X-Wings, leaving the other on it's own. 

The surviving X-Wing made a run for it, intending to fly thru the asteroid pass and off into the void. Unfortunately, it cut a turn a little too wide and glanced off of a different asteroid. While no damage from the collision was incurred, the distraction was enough for my for Y-wings to take out Frankie's last ship.

Following the requisite 20 minutes of sorting and putting away of Fantasy Fight Games nightmarish menagerie of tokens, I then took Frankie out for dinner, followed by a bit of Christmas shopping for his Mom. 

All in all, it was a fun evening!