Well thats done and dusted so its time to look up and forward for a better year!

I failed in my goal of some South American gaming, to many other projects that got in the way sadly... i will come back to hit at some point hehe.

I painted 991 models this last year, ranging from AoS nurgle to warmaster beastmen to Baratheons for ASOIAF, quite an enjoyable mix if i do say so myself... only 81 blog posts for the year tho, thats not great as ive struggled to get a lot of computer time around home life recently.

This year im going to be starting Pike and Shotte with a few of the guys so a Montrose army will be gracing the pages of the blog in short order hehe... just waiting on 120 bonnet hats to arrive from warlord then i can get cracking!

Thats going to be my aim this year, fully painted for Pike n Shotte!