So this is what happens.  I managed to get the Emperor's Children's Landspeeders to within range of the motley array of Eldar.  I was going to burn holes in the vehicles and torch the footsloggers. Because nothing quite says 'not today thank you' as setting a whole bunch of folks on fire.  


I'd evaded the Imperial Guard and a Tau strike force to get the Landspeeders there in one peice.  And had the Eldar, they couldn't get away and had already shot at someone else.  It's my turn to shoot.  You just watch what happens !  Quake in fear Xenos scum ! 

Ah.  Not quite the result I was hoping for.   My Landspeeders, totally wiped out.  With no casualties for the Eldar.  What fearsome foe could cause such damage ?

Gotta love scatter dice.  How else could 40K come up with such comedy gold moments ?  TBH, this is the worst time this ever happened.  But I remember this better than the Khorny Beserkers chopping up the stealth suits (which I know about as I have a photo).