Welcome back to my annual (-ish) feature: the Deadly Assassins. It's  that time of year  when I paint an Assassin model. Or two. And this year, like
last year,  it's two again. I opted to finish off my Death Cult Assassins to give me a squad of four (five if I can count Knosso Prond). 

Primed and ready for a killer* paint job. 

Like last year I decided to add a lot of skulls to their bases. One has an assortment of human skulls ( Heretics, most likely) and the other has a tau skull and helmet as they have been infesting our local systems in recent times

It was the first time I used Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint on the skulls and I absolutely love how they turned out. But I ended up highlighting them anyway to keep them consistent with the two from last year. 

Of course the Tau helm is a homage (more like a taunt) to Da Masta Cheef's ( current) Tau scheme. 

I used the same methods used on the previous Death Cult Assassins, but I reversed the color schemes on them. Except I decided that one of them would be predominantly red. I liked the look of this and it reminded me of some of the old art from John Blanche and of the two Death Cult Assassins from the old Inquisitor game.

The hair is the same scheme I have used since Knosso Prond, but I like the way it works with these colors. The faces were done a bit differently this year. I used Guilliman Flesh Contrast Paint as the base but used a Dry** paint called Eldar Flesh for the highlight. Very simple, easy, and satisfying result I think. 

Wilderness shot. Overcast skies kind of muted their colors a bit though.

And here they are, eager for the first time I deploy them. Gee, I guess I need to finally paint up some Sisters to make that happen, right? 

"We know you're hiding in that bush! Come out so we can stab you! "

*'cuz they're killers. 

**At the time of this posting, GW is in the process of canceling a good portion (if not all) of the Dry Paint line. A chunk of that Dry range and a lot of the Air brush range are currently in the Last Chance to Buy category on their website.