I keep splitting my attention between my Dominus knight and Opus. This time I have finished most of the upper body and legs for the Dominus knight. Now it is on to the weapons. The shoulder mounted siege canons are constructed and are ready for paint as well as the the AA autocannons. The arms are how ever not done yet. I need to finish of the GS sculpting, so it might be that the knight will be missing his arms for some time after the rest is done.

When it comes to Opus I am slowly working on the island. Now I have added some plattforms for some AA batteries. So far it is only the two at the top back that are done. When working on these I can up with a fantastic idea of how to do rivets. I am sure someone else has already figured this out but it was a first for me and I am really happy with how it turned out. So what is the magic? It is sculpting tools, a mouse mat and some thin plasticard. So I cut some 5 mm strips of thin plasticard and made markings every 5 mm along the centre line. I then put the stripp on a mouse mat that has some flexibility to it. I then used some sculpting tools with a ball point and presses small dimples into the strip along the markings. On the reversed side there is a small round bulge. I then glued these stripps on the the structure I build so that it looks like rows of rivets as can be seen on the icarus lasscannon platform. This is a really fast way of making these and I will use this extensively on the model.