Hello All!

Siph and I were able to squeeze in a small, if massive battle to play test some Imperator rules for the Titan Owners Club. We had several versions of rules to try, and ended up with a hybrid of 2 of the rules we had put together. 
The battle saw my 'Imperator' standing over 3 and a half foot titan. This is a bespoke model I acquied some time ago. This will be having its carapace build to include spires etc. to make it more 'Imperator'.Take on a force of my own Crucius titans, plus support from Siph's newly acquired Warlord 10 Titan! 
1 Imperator vs 6 titans, 2 Warlords, a Warbringer, a Reaver and 2 warhound! 

We had 2 games, swapping sides, and wow, the Imperator can dish out damage, and take a pounding!

Both games saw the Imeprator score countless hits, and damage to the attacking titan forces in both games. The end saw a Warlord destroyed in both games, with the remaining force all very damged, however in both games the Imperator was destroyed by the end of Turn2.

We had discussed at the end of the battles, that if the  Imperator had a force of knights to suuport, or further Titans, would have changed things, however we wanted to see how resilient this guy could be to punishment, and to take 2 full turns from a 6 titan force was good going!