Happy New Years people! 

Hopefully this year will see more painting and blog content from me, I've struggled with free time a lot this year as I've taken on more stuff from work and ongoing things at home.

I managed to paint 636 models in 2022, covering a lot of Baratheon's, Alpha Legion, Star Wars, Warcaster, Flames of War and of course Pike and Shotte.

Pike and Shotte was the big project of the year and a thoroughly enjoyable one it was too, I've had a few games of it in the back end of the year and its such a fun system to play. 

I plan to continue on the historical train in 2023 by finally starting some South American gaming in the form of armies for the War of the Triple Alliance using The Men Who Would Be Kings rules from Osprey and Perry Miniatures fantastic metals... The Paraguayans are on order already haha.

My second big project for the year is an army of Medieval Spanish for my friends new project On Bloody Ground, a generic ranks and flank ruleset with period specific plug in modules for different eras such as Vikings and The Reconquista!

Some more star wars and man o war will also be appearing, and continuations of existing Baratheon and MoTU projects as and when releases occur.