Happy New Year and welcome readers, thanks for dropping by. I start the new year with a mini project, this is a scheduled post as I am still away. I had a paintbrush rack as a gift constructed from laser cut wood, so with the scraps I made the Billboard! That spurred me on to finally get around to doing some random battlefield accessory sprue I had lurking in a box.
Nothing new, GW battlefiled accessory sprue tank barricade, sprayed Leadbelcher, washed Agrax and highlighted Iron Hands, washed Mournfang Brown 'rust effect' glaze.
Same again, another tank barricade, same colours.
On the sprue came 3 barrels. These are always good to have to enhance the look of the battlefield area.
And finally a billboard made from scraps of push-fit kit, in this case a paint brush stand. I textured the footplate as a concrete plinth, and the suitable posters were downloaded from t'internet. A fine selection can be found HERE.

Cheers, Siph (5pts)