Hello one and all!

 Happy New Year!

 This weeks update is a WIP of my currnet Deathwatch force. 

Techmarine - this marine is from a model I bought nearly 20 years ago - the original Forge Father Iron Hands model. I have opted to switch this marine into a Deathwatch marine to stand out. Details and highlights needed to finish

Bladeguards - these guys are from the Indominus set, I've converted the marines to have Deathwatch pauldrons. Each one has a 3D printed head to add an extra bit of detail to them. These have had the base coats only at the moment.
Each one has had a Necron blade converted instead of the base power sword. This is to fit in with the Deathwatch look I'm going for.
Judiciar. Again, the sword has been swapped with a massive Necron power weapon - I can't recall the name of the model in the Indominus set - I've also added a pauldron under the weapon - With the background of the model, I feel the blade should be insanely large! I have added the egg timer to a servo skull that will be added to the completed model.

Cheers! LH