Hello All, thanks for dropping by for a look-see. I am slowly building up my Adeptus Custodes force to a playable force, and constructed quite a few troops and infantry, off the to-do pile is the latest of these, a squad of 3 Sagittarum Custodes.
I have opted to give them all Misericordia for any melee they find themselves in, camping in the mid table.
I followed the same tutorial from Duncan Rhodes painting academy on how to paint Custodian Wardens, the same as my Custodian Guardians from earlier, HERE.
Sagittarum Custodians are armed with the Adrastus Bolt Caliver, a dual shot weapon, one like a Heavy Bolter, the other a shorter range Disintegration Beam 15in, S5, AP-3, 3Dmg. So they can put out a lot of hurt on larger infantry squads or similar heavy infantry squads.
Sagittarum Custodians can have squads of 3-5 and the Forge World set comes in 5, so in order to make two squads of 3 for more board control, I managed to get a 3D printed head and a Bolt Caliver to use on a spare Custodian Guardian stock body and arms/shoulders, enabling me to field two small squads. The mini above has the alternative head. One from the next squad of three will have the alternative weapon, thus spreading out the slightly different pieces so they all still look similar.

Cheers, Siph (6pts)