The Deathwatch Veteran Bikers squad that I whipped up back in January* are getting some reinforcements.  I recently got these four used Space Marine Bikers in a deal and now it's time to integrate them into my Deathwatch. Instead of making another unit of 3 bikers, I decided to max out the squad. If anything they should be able to soak up damage better in the game. 

The  newly acquired used bikers.

Unfortunately I will end up with a leftover biker, whose fate will be decided at some future point. Maybe if I ever get back to the Dark Angels he'll become a Ravenwing guy. Or if I ever return to the Space Wolves biker project maybe he'll go there? 

New shoulder pad and sword 

New bits added. 

All of the above was written prior to November 2nd 2022. In the interim I have been able to dabble, poke, prod and tinker on these things until finally they are now done.  My free time has become sparse to say the least, to the point that just getting this far on these three bikes feels like an accomplishment. 

A Blood Angel.


Black Templar.

Joined up with their battle brothers I think they look good. Individually I don't think these models would win any awards for me but that was never my intention, I just wanted them to be up to a level that would look good in the battle reports that I feature on this blog. And I think they'll work out good in that regard. Accept that the continuing trend is that the models with the most paint tend to be eliminated first in most of my games so it's unlikely they'll appear in many pics in the future....

Altogether now, VROOM!!!

Ok. So final role call, we have a Blood Angel, Ultramarine, Black Templar, Crimson Fist, Imperial Fist and the leader is a White Scar (of course right?). I think I maxed out my decal options on this unit. Except I don't have any Dark Angel or  Space Wolf guys. Maybe they'll be the ones on the Attack Bike that I hope to top this unit off with...?

*Of 2022. Keen observers might note that my first finished models of 2023 are quite similar to my first finished models of 2022. A fun coincidence as I was had hoped to get them done before the New Year so I could open and close 2022 with finished models from the same squad. But this works for me either way.