Another week gone, not sure where! Up next, 3 Bladeguard Deathwatch Marines, 

They have been converted to have Necron power weapons rather than swords - as they look cool! and have had the addition of 3D printed shoulder pads and helmets. I've added shoulder pauldrons from the Emperors Spears, Dark Kraken and Wolfspears chapters.

I really love how the weapon colour contrasts with the metallic black armour- I've tried to make the blades as 'Necron-like' as possible, whilst retaining the similar highlighted appearance of all the other power weapons.
The helms are 'Sparta' based, I wanted them to stand out more, as really the Bladeguard marines are the veterans of the Primaris breed.
Overall happy with the way these guys finished, and 3 more to the sizable Deathwatch force! Next up are more marines, and a very interesting character.

Cheers, Lord TITANium Halfpenny (6pts)